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Swim Lessons
Learning to Swim
Swimming Trainer with Students

Level 1 - Beginner Swimmers

Ages 3-10 years old.

Child cannot swim on own and may be uncomfortable in the water. 2 to 3 Floatation Bubbles.

This level helps children develop safe pool behavior, adjust to the water, and develop independent movement in the water. It is designed for new swimmers, teaching basic paddle stroke and kicking skills, pool safety, proper use of IFDs and PFDs, and comfort with holding the face in the water while blowing bubbles and swimming.

Level 2 - Intermediate Swimmers

Ages 4-12 years old.

Child can jump in and get to side of pool on own.

1 to 2 Flotation Bubbles.

This level reinforces Pike skills. It is for children who are comfortable in the water. They are taught to kick, dive, float, and perform the progressive paddle stroke. They also learn basic boating safety and use of PFDs. Children can swim across the pool without assistance by the end of this level.

Levels 3 & 4- Advanced Swimmers

Ages 6-12 years old.


NO FLOTATION DEVICES. Working on Competitive Strokes.

Children at this level review previously learned skills and refine their strokes as well as their personal safety, rescue, and floating skills. They also learn underwater swimming skills. Children can swim a length of the pool on their front and back at the end of this level.


Summer 2024 Swim Lessons at Dansbury and Stroudsburg pools will be offered in partnership with the Pocono Family YMCA.

All lessons are 2-week sessions:

Monday - Thursday (8 lessons)

10:00am - 10:30am

OR 10:30 - 11:00am


Session 1    June 24 - July 5
Session 2    July 8 - July 19
Session 3    July 22 - August 2


Non-residents and Non-YMCA Members: $115

YMCA Members: $90

Residents* (Non-YMCA members): $90


*For the resident discount, please call the office at

570-426-1512, or come to Day Street Community Center to register. This pertains to residents of East Stroudsburg Borough, Stroudsburg Borough and Stroud Township.



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