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Albertson Park

Locally known as the "duck pond" park. Also has a green, playground and gazebo.

Amhurst Park 

Locally known as the "Third Street Park, " Amhurst Park has a playground, sand volleyball, and basketball.

Ann Street Park

A pocket park which offers a scenic view of the falls; close to downtown Stroudsburg amenities.

Big Pines Park

A 25 acre park with a soccer & baseball field, picnic pavilion, grills & some small trails.

Brodhead Creek

This 34 acre park is perfect for observing nature & fishing along the creek. Has two pavilions.

Bryant Park

A pocket park with playground, gazebo & native flower garden, taken care of by local community members.

Creekview Park

Home to Stroudsburg Little League and ESU Baseball, a portion of the Levee Loop Trail also runs through this 25 Acre park.  

Dansbury Park 

A popular destination with a skatepark, pool, tennis, basketball, playground, and the Levee Loop Trailhead.

Glen Brook Golf

 A 224 acre, 18 hole public golf course. There is also hiking & fishing access.

Glen Park

Hosts a softball and soccer field and fishing access. Mountain biking and hiking paths run throughout the park as well.

Gregory's Pond

A pond park offering fishing. Bordered by Terra Greens Golf Course.

Hickory Valley

Perfect for passive recreation, picnics and fishing. Two entrances along Hickory Valley Rd.

Katz Park

A 7.2 acre park with pond, walking trail, and picnic area.

Kovarick Park

 Undeveloped woodlands with the potential for walking trails and picnic tables, when funding becomes available. Fishing access.

Laurel St. Pond

A one acre pocket park with a pond; filled with lily pads & frogs.

Miller Park

A pocket park with a garden and picnic tables. Close to Historic Dansbury Depot & downtown East Stroudsburg amenities. 

Moore Park

A 1.5 acre pocket park with swings, diggers, a satellite climber, and a ball chute game.

Pinebrook Park

Along the Brodhead Creek, this park offers grills, picnic areas, walking trails and fishing.

Rotary Park

Under the 7th Street bridge along the McMichael Creek.  Fishing access.

Stokes Mill Park

A pocket park along the Brodhead Creek with a grill & picnic table. Part of the Levee Loop Trail.


Adjacent to Stroudsburg High School. Contains a pool, pavilion, skate park, playground and picnic tables.

Terra Greens GC

A 111 acre, 9 hole public golf course along 447. Now offering foot golf.

Yetter Park 

An 18-hole disc golf with walking and jogging. Part of the Levee Loop Trail.

Zacharias Pond

This park includes fitness stations,picnic pavilion, a ball field, a pond and walking/jogging trails.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map indicating where each park is at and a brief description.

Tots Gap Trail 

Provides access to the Appalachian Trail along the Kittatiny Ridge.

Levee Loop Trail

A 4.5 Mile Loop crossing four parks alongside the Brodhead Creek.

StroudGreen Way

Stroud Greenway.

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