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So you want to rent a Park Pavilion, the Community Center, a Field or a Court... 
We look forward to working with you to make your event a reality!

There are a few things every renter should know:

Rental Requests

We are now able to process most rentals online. Yay! To do so, click our "Make a Rental Request" button, make an account, choose your location, date and time, and check out your cart. This will send us your request, which we either approve or deny during our office hours, and then send you an email notification. You may also come into the office during business hours and make a reservation directly with us.


Completing an online Reservation Requests does not mean you have an official reservation. Your request must be reviewed and approved by our office staff and then paid in full to become an official reservation. 


Reservation Requests must be made before 12:00 pm (noon) the business day prior. Weekend rentals must be made by 12pm the Friday prior. No rentals are taken the day-of. 


Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, must be in attendance at the event, and assume responsibility for the group’s knowledge of and adherence to all Regional Rules and Regulations.


Rentals are based on first come, first serve basis with completed payments. Dates will not be held without a security deposit.

Private vs. Public Rentals

If you are hosting a private party for just friends or family, you may apply for a regular rental. If you are hoping to open your event to the community, host vendors or a DJ, provide a charity service, or do any sort of business in the parks, please see our "SPECIAL EVENTS" section, and please plan at least a few months ahead, as your event will take time to process. More info in our "SPECIAL EVENTS" sections below.


Some Rules

Our rules and regulations for renters can be read in full by clicking on the button to the left, but here are some of the ones that stand out:

1. No alcohol is allowed at your event.

2. You may use the park's charcoal grills. You may not bring your own grill. This is for safety.

3. Do not set up extra canopies or tables around your rented space.

4. Please keep any music at a low volume so as not to disturb other park patrons. Large sound systems, microphones and DJs are prohibited.

5. You may not sell anything, advertise, or do business in the parks without a vendor permit.

6. Please respect your park. Do not leave behind trash, a mess, or damages.

In order for everyone to enjoy equally, these regulations must be followed. Your event may be shut down and/or security deposit forfeit if your party does not respect these regulations.

Now that we have the basics down, see what rental space works best for you:

Here to rent some Sports Equipment?

Click Below:

Untitled design (22).png




Day Street Community Center

15 Day Street

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Open M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

570-426-1512 Phone

570-426-1839 Fax


Dansbury Park Tables

There are 45 tables under the Counterman Pavilion at Dansbury Park which can be rented individually for the day. Grills here are not rentable and can be used by anyone using the pavilion that day. If you know you are grilling, we suggest booking tables next to a grill.

$6 per table rental fee 

If renting more than 8 tables, a

$100 Security Deposit is added.

50% off security deposit discount available with proof of residency.

Seven pavilions are available for rent around our park system.


Albertson Park (4 tables)

Brodhead Creek Park

     Entrance Pavilion (8 tables)

     Pond Pavilion (6 tables)

Stroudsburg Borough Park (6 tables)

     Park Pavilion (6 tables)

     Pool Pavilion* (6 tables)

Zacharias Pond Park (6 Tables)

50% off discount available with proof of residency.

4 hour rental minimum


$150 rental fee for 4 hours

+ $100 security deposit

$25 each additional hour

* Anyone who attends your party at this pavilion will have to pay to enter the pool area, whether they plan to swim or not. This expense is not included in the rental fee.

​Tables & Pavilions at many of our parks are available for rent Spring, Summer and Fall. 


Family gatherings, birthday parties, work outings, and community events are many of the ways that the pavilions and tables may be rented. ​​


Basketball Courts

$10 per hour

+ $100 security deposit per field or court*

$150 per day for a Tournament

Call for youth group discounts.

Baseball Fields

Amhurst Park

Dansbury Park

Dansbury Park

Glen Park

Softball Fields

Big Pines Park**

Zacharias Pond Park

Soccer Field

Dansbury Park

Multi-Purpose Fields

Dansbury Park

All organized groups must complete a Regional Park & Facility Agreement IN PERSON at the Day Street Community Center in East Stroudsburg, including a Certificate of Liability Insurance. 

*If renting multiple days in a season, your security deposit may only be made once per season, and will roll through all the dates of that season.

**Big Pines Park is only available for rental by special request.

​Athletic fields and courts and swimming pools in the Regional Park system are available for rent by residents, non-residents, non-profit organizations, and businesses for sporting events and social gatherings. ​

Day Street Community Center

A meeting room, half-sized gym space, bathrooms and a kitchenette are included in a Community Center rental. Nine tables and twenty chairs are also available for use.

If you require more tables and chairs, you may bring them, but we are not able to store them in the center before or after your rental time.

Please note that confetti, helium balloons and alcohol are all prohibited in the Community Center.

4 hour rental minimum


$285 rental fee for 4 hours

+ $125 security deposit

$65 each additional hour


Rentals are for the allotted time only; SROSRC reserves the right to charge the renter for additional time used and/or retain the security deposit for additional time used.

The Meeting Room and Gym are available for rent throughout the year. This space makes a great place to host your meeting, birthday party, baby shower, or scout event.


Looking to host an event that is open to the community in the park?

Looking to hire a DJ? Vendors? Give out charitable supplies? This section is for you.

Anyone requesting to host a special event in a regional park or facility needs to submit a Special Event Reservation Agreement in person at the Day Street Community Center. Generally, only events that are not for profit are approved. All information on the event needs to be submitted with the Agreement detailing:


schedule of events

facility use 

estimated number of people

any special permissions and permits requested

any other necessary information.


Each request will be evaluated and additional information may be requested. 

Non-profit organizations:  Need to submit a copy of 501(c)3 certificate or appropriate non-profit status certificate 

Certification:  For all renters and vendors (a separate vendor fee will be charged) requesting to serve food at their special event, a copy of the ServSafe Certification must be supplied and details of food handling and preparation needs to be reviewed by the Municipal Health Code Inspector and SROSRC's Executive Director.  An inspection may be conducted at the facility where food is prepared. Vendors need to pay a separate vendor fee, show proof of ServSafe Certification, and provide a Certificate of Liability.  

Certificate of Liability:  For all events, a Certificate of Liability of at least $500,000 general liability is required for all parks and facilities.  SROSRC and the municipality the park/facility resides needs to be listed as Additional Insured.  SROSRC will provide the appropriate entities to list as Additional Insured on the Certificate of Liability. 


Disc Golf

Want to try out disc golf, but not quite ready to invest? Enjoy the game but don't have your own set? Or perhaps you do, but you're traveling without it? 

We have five sets of Innova discs ready for rental. Each set includes an Aviar putter, a Shark mid-range and a Leopard fairway driver, plus instructions for how to play available on request. Disc sets can be rented from Day Street Community Center for up to three days at a time. 


$5 rental fee per set

$20 security deposit per set

In other words: it is $25 to rent a set, but you get $20 back on the timely return of all discs.

Pick up a set at Day Street Community Center during office hours on a first come-first serve basis, or put in a rental request for a set HERE.

Tennis Sets / Pickleball Sets

Want to head on out to the courts? We will provide rental sets. Coming soon.


Boccee Set

While visiting the park or having your cookout, why not enjoy a game of lawn Boccee? Coming Soon.


Basketball rentals coming soon.

Untitled design (22).png
Image by Ben Hershey


The indoor pickleball court is currently closed to rentals. Please check back for updates in the winter.



Can I bring my own Tables and Chairs?

If you are renting the Community Center, you may bring extra tables and chairs, but they can not be stored in the Center before or after your rental time.

If you are renting a pavilion or field, you may NOT bring extra tables or pop-up tents, only the tables provided. Minimal lawn chairs are allowed for field reservations. If you are conducting a special event, you must fill out the Special Event Form at the Community Center prior to your reservation. Table and Chair allowances for special events will be made on a case by case basis.

How loud is too loud for music?

Music must stay quiet enough that it does not disturb other park patrons. Renters are not permitted to use microphone voice amplification. 


May I bring my own grill?

No. You may use the charcoal grills provided by the park, but park patrons are not allowed to bring their own portable grills.

May I rent a whole park? 

No. The parks must remain open to the public.

May I reserve my day AND a rain date?

Unfortunately, we cannot block off two dates for you for the price of one. If your event is looking like it will be rained out, you may call us ahead of your rental date and we will try and work with you to reschedule your date if possible.

Is extra set-up time included?

No, we suggest you rent as much time as you need for the whole event including set-up and cleanup time. Buffer time is not included in your rental fee.

Are pool passes included with my rental?

No they are not.

May I have a DJ and/or a Bounce house?

Bounce houses are NEVER permitted on park property. DJ's are not permitted unless by special permission. See "Special Events" section for more information.

Is there electricity?

Some of our pavilions do have electricity and some do not. If you need electricity for your event, please ask us while we are reserving your rental so we can point you toward a place with electricity, and so that we can make sure the electricity is turned on during your event.

Is my security deposit refundable?

So long as your trash was properly cleaned up, there were no damages to the rented space, and all people attending your event followed the rules, your security deposit will be refunded to you.

My party is over. Where is my security deposit?

So long as your trash was properly cleaned up, there were no damages to the rented space, and all people attending your event followed the rules, your security deposit will be returned to you. It does take time. Checks are mailed on the fourth Wednesday of every month, so whenever your event was, expect your check sometime during the fourth week of that month. If your event happens after that fourth week, expect it the following month. The check will be mailed to the address you gave when you made the rental, so please make sure you give us your correct address.

Do I get the resident rate?

These are municipal parks. Therefore, those who live and pay taxes in the municipalities of Stroudsburg Borough, East Stroudsburg Borough and Stroud Township pay the resident rate. Those who live outside these municipalities pay the non-resident rate. Just because a certain city is in your address does not necessarily mean you live in that municipality. You can check the municipality you live in by entering your address into this database: CLICK HERE.  The address you give us during your reservation will determine your residency status. Please note that your security deposit will be sent back to the address you give us, so it must be the correct address.


I already made a reservation, but plans have changed. May I change my rental to a different date or time, or add time to it later?

Yes, if you call us before 12pm noon the business day prior, we can work with you to change your reservation as needed.

I'd like to use park space for my business, how do I go about this?

Doing business on public land without a permit (including offering classes, jewelry or makeup parties, food/ goods sales, non-personal photography, advertising, etc.) is illegal. This includes the parks and the community center. If you would like a vendor permit, you may contact us. Each Municipality has different rules on what kinds of business they will approve and what they will deny on public land. If you are looking to instruct a class at the parks, you may apply to be a program partner with us. Call us if you would like more details.

What is considered a "Private Rental" vs a "Special Event?"

If your event is for friends and/or family, it is a private rental. If your event is a large gathering which may require special allowances for sound, tables, vendors, raffles, etc. it is a Special Event. If your event is open to the community, whether free or ticketed, it is a Special Event. Special Event forms must be submitted in person, then reviewed by the municipality who owns the park at a monthly meeting. Additional permits or applications may be needed to approve your Special Event. Therefore, we suggest requesting a Special Event reservation several months in advance.

May we drink alcohol? Are there alcohol permits?

No. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in the Community Center or Parks without special permission from the municipality. This permission is never granted for private events and very rarely granted in general.

May I throw a pool party? Are pool passes included in the reservation fee?

Yes you may have a private party such as a birthday party at our facilities. We do not offer pool party packages, and the pool will remain open to the public during your party.

You are welcome to rent pavilion tables outside of the pool and then kids and their families can go into the pool throughout the party. Please note that party guest who wish to be admitted to the pool, regardless of whether they will be swimming or not, must pay the pool pass rate. You as the party host can decide whether to cover this fee for your guests.

There is a pavilion rental option inside the Stroudsburg pool as well, the same day pass policy does apply for your guests.

Tables at any pavilion that are not reserved that day are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Individual tables (Not the Stroudsburg Pool Pavilion) inside the pool area, which cannot be reserved, are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You are welcome to use the grills that are available at any of our pavilions, and you are welcome to bring food, tablecloths, and light decorations such as a banner or streamers so long as it is cleaned up by the end of your party. Confetti, balloons, alcohol, and all glass containers are prohibited. All other pool and rental rules about music, grills, floatation devices, and closures still apply to your party. You can call us with any more questions at 570-426-1512.

You may also submit a request to rent out the entire pool for a private party after regular pool hours, There is a different fee, it takes advanced notice and it is not guaranteed until your reservation has been approved. Please call 570-426-1512 for more details.

Refund Policy


Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather and no rain dates are permitted. User is responsible for making proper arrangements in case of inclement weather. Refunds of reservation fees will only be issued if requested in writing two weeks prior to the reserved date; security deposits will be returned. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of written request. A 5% Transaction Fee will be withheld from all refunds to cover registration system charges.

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