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Day Street Community Center
The Meeting Room, Kitchenette, and Gym are available for rent throughout the year. This space makes a great place to host your meeting, birthday party, baby shower, or scout event.  All rental requests must be done in person at the Community Center, Monday - Friday.  Rental of the facilities requires a completed Rental Application & Contract outlined in the Rental Brochure. Nine tables and twenty chairs are included in your rental. If you require more tables and chairs, you may bring them, but they can not be stored in the center before or after your rental time.
Tables & Pavilions

Tables & Pavilions at many of our parks are available for rent Spring, Summer, & Fall.  Family gatherings, birthday parties, work outings, and community events are many of the ways that the pavilions and tables may be rented. 

  • Rentals may be requested online or in person, but online rentals will not be officially reserved until your request has been approved by our office staff.

  • If the Rental is for the next day it must be completed before 12:00 pm(noon) the day prior. 

  • No rentals are taken the day of, nor are any dates held without a security deposit.

  • Rentals are based on first come, first serve basis with completed reservation agreement and payment received (rental fee and security deposit)

  • Non-resident use fees apply in Stroud Township parks without a pre-approved & pre-paid reservation - NO pavilion rental fee will be collected in the park for the same day of use.

  • All Rules & Regulations outline in the Rules & Regulations document must be followed.

Fields & Courts

Athletic fields and courts and swimming pools in the Regional Park system are available for rent by residents, non-residents, non-profit organizations, and businesses for sporting events and social gatherings. All organized groups must complete a Regional Park & Facility Agreement in person at the Day Street Community Center in East Stroudsburg.

  • Reservation requests are not officially approved or confirmed until the applicant pays the appropriate fees in full and if applicable, submits a Certificate of Liability Insurance. 

  • Applicants should plan accordingly.  Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, must be in attendance at the event, and assume responsibility for the group’s knowledge of and adherence to all Regional Rules and Regulations.

Special Events

Any organization requesting to host a special event in a regional park or facility needs to submit a Special Event Reservation Agreement at the Day Street Community Center. All information on the event needs to be submitted with the Agreement detailing schedule of events, facility use, estimated number of people, and other necessary information. Each request will be evaluated and additional information may be requested. 

Non-profit organizations:  Need to submit a copy of 501(c)3 certificate or appropriate non-profit status certificate 

Certification:  For all renters and vendors (a separate vendor fee will be charged) requesting to serve food at their special event, a copy of the ServSafe Certification must be supplied and details of food handling and preparation needs to be reviewed by the Municipal Health Code Inspector and SROSRC's Executive Director.  An inspection may be conducted at the facility where food is prepared. Vendors need to pay a separate vendor fee, show proof of ServSafe Certification, and provide a Certificate of Liability.  

Certificate of Liability:  For all events, a Certificate of Liability of at least $500,000 general liability is required for all parks and facilities.  SROSRC and the municipality the park/facility resides needs to be listed as Additional Insured.  SROSRC will provide the appropriate entities to list as Additional Insured on the Certificate of Liability. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring my own Tables and Chairs?

If you are renting the Community Center, you may bring extra tables and chairs, but they can not be stored in the Center before or after your rental time.

If you are renting a pavilion or field, you may NOT bring extra tables or pop-up tents, only the tables provided. Minimal lawn chairs are allowed for field reservations. If you are conducting a special event, you must fill out the Special Event Form at the Community Center prior to your reservation. Table and Chair allowances for special events will be made on a case by case basis.

How loud is too loud for music?

Music must stay quiet enough that it does not disturb other park patrons. Renters are not permitted to use microphone voice amplification. 


Can I bring my own grill?

No. You may use the charcoal grills provided by the park, but park patrons are not allowed to bring their own portable grills.

Can I rent a whole park? 

No. The parks must remain open to the public.

What is considered a "Private Rental" vs a "Special Event?"

If your event is for friends and/or family, it is a private rental. If your event is a large gathering which may require special allowances for sound, tables, vendors, raffles, etc. it is a Special Event. If your event is open to the community, whether free or ticketed, it is a Special Event. Special Event forms must be submitted in person, then reviewed by the municipality who owns the park at a monthly meeting. Additional permits or applications may be needed to approve your Special Event. Therefore, we suggest requesting a Special Event reservation several months in advance.

Can we drink alcohol? 

No. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in the Community Center or Parks without special permission from the municipality. 


Kim Possinger 

Office Manager


15 Day Street

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

570-426-1512 Phone

570-426-1839 Fax


Completing an online Reservation Requests does not mean you have an official reservation. Your request must be reviewed and approved by our office staff and then paid in full to become an official reservation. 


SROSRC coordinates all Special Event Requests in our Parks.  Reservation Requests must be made by 12:00 p.m. (noon) the business day prior.  No rentals are taken the day-of. 


Dates will not be held without a security deposit. 

All Special Event Reservations and Payments of fees have to be submitted in person at the SROSRC office in the Day Street Community Center 15 Day Street  East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.  Mailed in Reservation forms will not be accepted.  SROSRC coordinates all Special Event Requests in our Parks. 


Bocce, Disc Golf, Basketball, Tennis

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