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For the latest on weather and maintenance closures, follow the pools' Facebook Page:

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15 Day Street, E. Stroudsburg, PA 18301



HOURS: 11am-7pm daily
*Hours and Dates sub
ject to change.




209 Stadium Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360



HOURS: 11am-7pm daily

*Hours and Dates Subject to change.


Rates for General Public


Child (2-17)

Adult (18-54)

Senior (55+)


Additional Child with Family Pass

Full Day






AM Pass**






Season Pass






Rates for Municipal Residents*


Child (2-17)

Adult (18-54)

Senior (55+)


Additional Child with Family Pass

Full Day






AM Pass**






Season Pass






* Residents reside in East Stroudsburg Borough, Stroudsburg Borough and Stroud Township. Please check with your municipality. Having a certain city in your address does not necessarily mean you live in the borough. At Dansbury pool ONLY, residents also include those residing in Smithfield and Middle Smithfield Townships. Proof of residency must be shown at time of pass purchase.

**Morning (AM) Passes admit one person between 11am and 3pm only.

*** A family is two adults and two children who reside in the same household.

ALL SEASON PASSES ARE DUAL PASSES to both Dansbury and Stroudsburg Borough Pools, EXCEPT resident season passes purchased by residents of Middle Smithfield and Smithfield Townships, which are valid only at Dansbury Pool. If you are in this category, please call your township office to obtain a voucher for a Dansbury Pool Resident Season Pass.

Middle Smithfield: 570-223-8920; Smithfield: 570-223-5082.


Why isn't the pool open during its normal hours?

If a pool is closed during its normal hours, it is usually due to storms or a maintenance issue. Please understand we want you to come enjoy our pools and we will keep them open whenever possible. However, when there is a public safety concern such as inclement weather or maintenance, the pools must close. Please note: if the pool must close due to weather while you are already in the pool area, we are unable to provide refunds. We suggest checking the weather forecast before coming to the pool, especially if you're driving a long way.  We also recommend double checking our pools' Facebook page before you go to the pool. If there are any closures, you will find out about them there:


Can I pay with a card?

Yes, both pools have machines to process credit and debit card payments. We also accept cash payments ($50 & $100 not accepted). Please note that our machines have occasionally, though rarely, had technical issues resulting in temporary cash-only admittance.

Am I a resident?

Report Cards, Utility Bills, or a Driver's License will be accepted for proof of residency. If you do not have proof of your residency, we must admit you at the non-resident rate. 


Dansbury and Stroudsburg are municipal pools. Therefore, those who live in the municipalities of Stroudsburg Borough, East Stroudsburg Borough and Stroud Township pay the resident rate. Those who live outside these municipalities pay the non-resident rate. Just because a certain city is in your address does not necessarily mean you live in that municipality. You can check the municipality you live in by entering your address into this database: CLICK HERE. 

Smithfield and Middle Smithfield Townships have an agreement with East Stroudsburg Borough. Therefore, Smithfield and Middle Smithfield Township residents pay the resident rate at Dansbury Pool ONLY with a voucher. These townships keep track of how many of their residents use the Dansbury Pool, and so Smithfield and Middle Smithfield residents must obtain a voucher from their Township office to gain the Dansbury Pool Resident Rates. With this voucher, Smithfield and Middle Smithfield Residents may also purchase a season pass (for Dansbury Pool ONLY) at a resident rate.


I'm not a resident. Am I allowed in the pool? 

Yes. The pools are open to the public. Non-residents passes are available.


When can I use my morning (AM) pass? 

The morning pass is valid for 11 a.m. - 3  p.m. only. If you buy a morning pass at 2:30pm, you can still only stay until 3pm.

If I get to the pool in the last hour or two, do I get a discount? 

No, the day pass price is the standard price for pool admission, whether you are using it for five hours or one. The only discounted tickets are for morning sessions at this time.

Where do I get a Pool Pass? 

Daily Passes are purchased directly at the pool. Cash ($50 & $100 not accepted) or Credit Cards accepted. Season Passes can be purchased online: HERE or at Day Street Community Center during normal business hours (M-F 8:30-4:30pm.) Season passes belong to individuals only and have a picture of the person on them. They are not transferable. 

What do I need to bring with me to get a Season Pass?

If you are purchasing at the resident rate, please bring a proof of residency to the community center such as a drivers' license or utility bill with your name on it. If you are a Middle Smithfield or Smithfield Township resident, you must first go to your township's building and get a pool pass voucher. Bring that voucher with you to obtain a Dansbury-only resident season pass. Otherwise, you will be charged the non-resident rate. 

If you are purchasing a family pass, please bring along your family members for their pictures. Alternatively, bring clear pictures of all the people on your family pass on your phone. We can transfer the pictures to their season pass card from there.

I purchased my season pass online. How do I get my Season Pass picture card?

If you purchased your season pass online, please make sure to upload pictures of all the season pass holders on your account. To do this, in our registration system, click on your account, then click on the avatar icon next to each name, and upload a picture of that person. From there, you can give your name to the pool attendant upon entering the pool, and they will pull up your card on the computer.

To save time getting into the pool all season, we do recommend stopping by Day Street Community Center during normal business hours (M-F 8:30-4:30pm) for a copy of your season pass card. If you would like to save time, call ahead at 570-426-1512 and we will print your cards and have them ready for you, as long as pictures are provided ahead of time.

Is my family eligible for the family rate?

Family Passes apply to two adults and two children (under the age of 18), who reside in the same house.  If the family has additional children they may be added to the family pass for an additional fee per child.


Family season passes work the same way, and everyone in the season pass gets their own card. If a child is visiting the house for a short amount of time, you cannot add them to your pass for the additional child fee, but instead must pay the day pass rate for the child. If your child lives in your house for part of the summer and you would like to purchase them a season pass, please do so while purchasing your family season pass.

If your family has one adult and three children, purchasing a family pass with an additional third child may still be a cheaper option than buying everyone a single day pass. If your family has three adults and one child, the extra adult will still have to buy a separate adult pass.

Can I bring food and drinks? 

Yes, you can bring food and drinks into the pool area, and you can bring food from the concessions stand into the pool area. Glass and Alcohol are not permitted, however.

Can I buy food and drinks there? 

Yes, there are concessions stands open and available in Dansbury right outside the pool complex, and Stroudsburg Borough in the pool complex. We encourage you to give them a try. Concessions and pool hours are generally the same, but may differ occasionally.

Can I order food and have it delivered to the pool? 

We do not encourage this, as a lot of delivery food gets lost trying to make it to the pool-- we have heard about it a lot. If you do decide to try ordering food, please give very good instructions to the delivering entity, and understand that your food may still not make it to the pool. At Dansbury Park, you can check the community center for your food during our hours from 8:30am-4:30pm, but that is not always where it ends up either.

How deep is the pool? 

Most of Dansbury Pool is between 1 and 5 feet deep with a zero degree entry for kids. Dansbury pool's max depth is 6 feet (under the slides.) 

Stroudsburg Pool is generally between 3 and 6 feet deep. There is a separate kiddie pool that is 1 foot deep. The max depth, in the diving section of Stroudsburg Pool, is 8 feet.

Are lap lanes available? 

Dansbury pool has a lap lane open full time. If you wish to use it and it is not clear, you may request pool staff help you clear it for use. Stroudsburg Pool's lap lane is open from 11am-12pm.

Can I bring floaties with me? 

All flotation devices other than Coast Guard Approved personal flotation devices (PFD's) are prohibited in the pool. If you or your child has trouble swimming, you may bring a Coast Guard Approved PFD (Life Jacket). The pool has a limited supply of PFD's which they can loan out on a first-come first-serve basis. PFDs must be worn properly in the water and may not be used as toys. To learn more about what a coast guard approved PFD looks like, try these helpful articles: 



Can I bring pool toys with me? 

Diving toys are allowed. Soft water toys are allowed, but nothing hard like basketballs, footballs, etc. Blow-up floaties are not allowed. Pool noodles are not allowed. Mini surfboards are not allowed.

Is the pool heated? 


Are there lockers? 

No, we do not have lockers at our pools.

Do I need to bring a chair with me? An umbrella?

There are chairs available in the pool area. You may still bring your own chair or blanket if you wish to ensure that you have a space to sit even when all the public pool chairs are taken. Small beach umbrellas are also allowed.

Does the pool ever turn people away if it hits capacity?

Both pools have a capacity that is based on fire code & how many people our lifeguards can safely watch at one time. If the pools are at capacity, then no more people are allowed into the pool area until those who are in the pool area leave. The pools are most likely to hit capacity on hot weekend days, but it may happen at any time. If you are counting on pool time on any given day, we suggest arriving early. We apologize if this creates an inconvenience for you or your family. This is a strict public safety measure that we take very seriously.

What if it starts raining after I get there? 

We recommend checking the weather forecast before coming to the pool, and making a personal decision if the weather looks unsure. The pool generally stays open during light rain at the discretion of the aquatics staff, but will close in the event of heavy downpour, nearby thunder or lighting. Please note: if the pool has to close due to weather while you are already in the pool area, we are unable to provide refunds. If the pool has already closed due to inclement weather we post that information on our Facebook page:

Can I throw a pool party? 

Yes you may have a private party such as a birthday party at our facilities. We do not offer pool party packages, and the pool will remain open to the public during your party.

You are welcome to rent pavilion tables outside of the pool and then kids and their families can go into the pool throughout the party. Please note that party guest who wish to be admitted to the pool, regardless of whether they will be swimming or not, must pay the pool pass rate. You as the party host can decide whether to cover this fee for your guests.

There is a pavilion rental option inside the Stroudsburg pool as well, the same day pass policy does apply for your guests.

Tables at any pavilion that are not reserved that day are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Individual tables (Not the Stroudsburg Pool Pavilion) inside the pool area, which cannot be reserved, are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You are welcome to use the grills that are available at any of our pavilions, and you are welcome to bring food, tablecloths, and light decorations such as a banner or streamers so long as it is cleaned up by the end of your party. Confetti, balloons, alcohol, and all glass containers are prohibited. All other pool and rental rules about music, grills, floatation devices, and closures still apply to your party. You can call us with any more questions at 570-426-1512.

You may also submit a request to rent out the entire pool for a private party after regular pool hours, There is a different fee, it takes advanced notice and it is not guaranteed until your reservation has been approved. Please call 570-426-1512 for more details.

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