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Pool Manager

Lifeguards & Admissions Staff

StroudKids Camp

StroudKids Summer Camp Manager
StroudKids Summer Camp Staff

Park Stewardship

Park Patrol / Bike Patrol

Park Caretaker​


Click on available job opportunities for description. Download the application below.

Return staff application is only for applicants that have worked for SROSRC within the past year


Volunteers and Employees may be asked to complete background clearances. The three clearances needed are linked below:

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Would you like to be involved in the management of recreation, trails, and open space in the Stroud region? SROSRC is recruiting enthusiastic committee members to provide input on the needs of our community and the future planning of our recreation services.


If you are interested in joining a committee, please fill out the email form above or above or email with the committee name in the subject line of your message. Committee meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, immediately following SROSRC board meetings (board meetings at 5:30pm, committee meetings at 6:30pm).


Greenways & Parks Stewardship (GPS)

Members of the Greenways & Parks Stewardship (GPS) Committee help to make parks and trails accessible and safe to our community, now and in the future. The GPS Committee provides support for the management of open space areas, park lands, and trails owned by the member municipalities of SROSRC, with a primary focus on the development, maintenance, and upkeep of trails in the regional greenway system. 

  • Coordinates with municipal maintenance teams and Park Patrol;

  • Advocates for park and trail creation and stewardship, using regional plans as guides for future implementation;

  • Constructs and maintains trails and wayfinding structures;

  • Monitors conditions on managed lands;

  • Increases public awareness of and appreciation for open space, parks, and trails, as well as the benefits of land conservation and the protection of natural habitats and resources.



Recreational programs offered by SROSRC are the most visible aspect of our community services. The recreation committee evaluates existing programs, oversees program expansion or development, and facilitates conversations about overall program priorities.

  • Includes subcommittees for: aquatics, StroudKids, community center

  • Assists in evaluation of existing programs;

  • Seeks community input on revision and development of programs;

  • Provides input on pool facilities and policies; and

  • Assists in promotion of programs & activities


Volunteer (Friends of SROSRC)

As a member of the volunteer committee, you work with SROSRC members and staff to ensure we have a robust and energized community of volunteers. From organizing appreciation events, assisting with recruiting volunteers, and organizing volunteers for events, the volunteer committee plays a vital role in the success of SROSRC events. The Volunteer Committee is a subcommittee of the Friends of SROSRC.

  • Recruits volunteers;

  • Works with other committees to identify when/where volunteers are needed;

  • Organizes volunteers for events, including number of volunteers needed, when volunteers are needed, and volunteer tasks;

  • Identifies volunteer concerns and determines how to address those concerns;

  • Communicates with volunteers; and

  • Provides recognition/celebration of volunteer efforts.


Special Events & Fundraising (Friends of SROSRC)

Fundraising and special events are critical to maintaining our community services. This committee is responsible for overseeing the organization's overall fundraising plan. The Special Events & Fundraising Committee is a subcommittee of the Friends of SROSRC.

  • Includes subcommittees for: Levee Loop Run, Daddy-Daughter Dance, other special events as developed

  • Works with staff to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of approaches, such as special events, direct mail, product sales, etc.

  • Leads in certain types of outreach efforts, such as chairing a dinner/dance committee or hosting fundraising parties, etc.

  • Responsible for involvement of all board members in fundraising, such as having board members make telephone calls to ask for support

  • Monitors fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.

  • Assists staff in organizing fundraising events including budget development, managing vendors, identifying potential sponsors, coordinating volunteers, promoting events, acquiring and managing silent auction items, managing guest experiences, collaborating with our graphic designer to design invitations and promotional materials and any other related tasks

Copy of Volunteer at Stroudsburg's Bryan

Gardening at Bryant Park

Meets at Bryant Park in Stroudsburg

Help beautify your community all season long! Register using the link above to learn about volunteer opportunities at Bryant Park's garden. You'll be learning from a great local gardening mind, and you'll be helping build a safe home for bees, butterflies and birds!

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